Green Initiatives

IRClass views its environmental responsibilities seriously; reducing its environmental footprint by contributing and implementing renewable energy power through its solar panel installations and waste water management system installed at its head office.

To continuously improve the environmental sustainability of operations at our head office in Mumbai, India, IRClass has adopted the following initiatives:

1. Solar Rooftop Plant Installation
IRClass increased its solar power capacity from 72 kW to 233 Kw in November 2018 – tripling the installed capacity. Some of the unique features of the 233 kWp in-house solar rooftop plant include Canadian solar modules which were developed with the latest innovative cell technology – poly crystalline.

IRClass is committed to enhancing its efforts to build a clean and green workplace for its staff and the local environment. We will continue to take initiatives towards increased
use of renewable energy in our offices.

2. Reed Bed System Installation
The reed bed system is a simple and user-friendly method of wastewater treatment that does not require complex setups and instrumentation – an alternative to the conventional system. Easy to maintain, the system does not consume significantly high amount of energy

A natural sewage treatment plant, the 5 KLD reed bed system aims to promote the reuse of treated sewage water and non-depletion of natural ground water table, as fresh water is fast becoming a scarce commodity – the treated water is mainly used for gardening or low-end purposes. 

With the capacity to treat 5,000 litres of water per day, the reed bed system employs natural principles for treatment of domestic sewage. Specially-selected plants are made to combine their aeration strength with highly efficient microbial cultures.