Works Approval Procedure

In general, Works Approval Certification procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Application from the manufacturer
  • Review of manufacturers documentation
  • Review of test program
  • Assessment of Works and Test Witness by IRS Surveyor
  • Review of the Test reports
  • Issuance of Works Approval Certificate

IRS Head Office coordinates the process of review of product documentation, test report, and issuance of Works Approval Certificate.

The activity of works assessment and witness of testing is witnessed by attending Surveyor from Local IRS Office unless agreed otherwise in writing.

After the successful completion of the testing, as per agreed protocol and verification of necessary documentation and test reports received from IRS Surveyor, and approved by the IRS, a Certificate of Works Approval is issued to the applicant manufacturer.  The certificate remains valid for five years, and the approval will be listed on the internet, “List of Approved Works”.