Works Approval

Enhance your customer’s confidence! Get recognition for your works from IRS

What is Works Approval?

The Works Approval scheme of IRS is a program formulated for assessment of the works in terms of manufacturers capability & competency to deliver the products confirming to manufacturing and quality control procedures in accordance with the classification rules & regulations of IRS.

Every shipyard or a ship owner aims for assuring the quality of material or component prior to procurement, which comply with the requirements of classification rules & regulations of the vessel to which it is being built.


Manufacturers involved in producing materials and components need to be approved when intended to be used in ships under IRS classification. The process involves verification of manufacturing process, production and testing facilities, availability of qualified personnel to ensure consistent quality of products. Based on the assessment, Works Approval Certificate is issued. The manufacturer details are included in the “List of Approved Works” and displayed in our website.

Works Approval is available for a broad range of manufacturers. Few of them include works like Steel making and rolling, Forge shop, Foundry (ferrous and non-ferrous), Propeller repair, anchor chains, steel wire ropes, resins, fibres etc.

How Does Works Approval Benefit You?

As a Manufacturer, you benefits in:

  • Ease of acceptance in International market,
  • Enhancement of brand value & perception about the manufacturing capability,
  • Inclusion in the “List of Approved Works” highlights your works to potential buyers, shipyards, shipowners across the world.