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Upcoming regulatory changes for serving Superintendents

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Effective management of ship operations calls for a firm grasp of a wide range of disciplines, coupled with an ability to take informed decisions, integrating shipboard and shore-based functions in a dynamic and demanding business environment.

All Ship management decision are taken and implemented across three distinct areas:

  1. Regulatory
  2. Technical and
  3. Commercial

 In the absence of a structured training, most superintendents learn to balance their decisions across these three  areas through on-the-job exposure, which is a long and arduous process.

 In its interaction with the shipping industry, the Indian Register of Shipping and its learning center, IRClass  Academy, identified a strong need for a customized training programme to fill this gap.


4-day Executive Management Course in Ship Superintendency

This programme is the first in a series of high-value, short-term courses and will lead to certification  by IRClass  Academy under its Maritime Professional Development initiative. The focus will be on two vessel  types: Bulkcarriers  and Tankers.        


  • To facilitate and expedite the orientation and induction of sea-faring officers at the management level and
  • To enable serving Ship Superintendents and managers to enhance their knowledge and understanding of:

                   I)Regulatory framework - including upcoming regulations

                  II)Technical Function and

                 III)Commercial aspects of ship management.

On successful completion of the course, the participants will enhance their decision-making and problem-solving abilities in respect of day-to-day functions in Ship Superintendency.

Who Should Attend?

  1. Serving Superintendents, who wish to refresh and update their knowledge and understanding.
  2. Master Mariners and Chief Engineers intending to serve as Superintendents in ship-owning/ ship-management companies.
  3. Management-level sea-faring officers wanting to acquire the perspective of the owner/ ship-manager.


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  • Manjushree Joshi, Senior Training Officer, IRClass Academy. Tel.: +91-22--3051 9663.E-mail:

4 Day Executive Management Course in Ship Superintendency at Mumbai

  Day 1   Module 1   Vessel registration & Classification; Transfer of Class
      New-build registration & classification during delivery from yard
      Vessel registration & transfer of class during change of ownership
      Scope and validity period of  certificates issued to the vessel
      Survey requirements & planning; window periods for completion
    Module 2   SOLAS 
      Overview of SOLAS. Upcoming amendments to SOLAS
      Certificates and related documents  issued under SOLAS 
      Survey requirements for annual and renewal surveys
    Module 3   MARPOL
      Overview of MARPOL. Upcoming amendments to MARPOL
      Certificate and related documents issued under MARPOL
      Survey requirements for annual and renewal surveys
    Module 4   ISM/ISPS
     Obligations of Owners/Ship managers towards ISM/ISPS implementation & certification
      Role and responsibilities of DPA/CSO/SSO/Superintendent
  Day 2   Module 5   STCW & MLC
      Brief description of STCW & MLC requirements
      Safe manning  requirements and work hour/rest hour management
      Superintendent’s Role in meeting STCW & MLC requirements
    Module 6   Port State Control inspections and avoidance of Delays/Detentions
      PSC procedures and vessels readiness for same
      Analysis of  PSC data from USCG, Paris MOU, AMSA, etc.
    Module 7   Emission Control
      Requirements of emission control and steps for meeting them
      New developments in Main Engines relating to emission control
    Module 8

 Planning & preparations for meeting the Special Survey requirements (Class & Statutory)

      Class requirements of close up inspection during special /Intermediate survey   of 5/10/15/20/25 years old vessels
  Day 3   Module 9   Monitoring of routine and major hull repairs 
      Weld  repairs and NDT
      Interpretation of UT gauging and estimation of steel renewal
    Module 10   In water and dry docking inspection
      Under water Hull and Sea connections
      Rudder/Propeller/Tail Shaft
      Anchor/Anchor Chain
    Module 11   Close up surveys (Explanation plus demo using simulator) 
      Cargo Holds and Cargo Tanks
      Ballast Tanks
      Ship side and under water hull
      Case studies in machinery breakdowns & organizing/coordinating support from ashore
  Day 4   Module 12   Charter Parties, Owner’s/Charterer’s obligations & responsibilities
      Time Charter, Voyage Charter & Bare Boat Charter
      Superintendents’ role in prevention/mitigation of CP claims
    Module 13   P&I and H&M insurance 
      Claim procedures; safeguarding owner’s interest.
    Module 14   Budgeting
      Vessel’s operating budget & effective cost control 
    Module 15   Industry Best Practices
      Vessel performance monitoring
      Trends in ship-shore communication & data exchange 
    Module 16   Capstone Exercise (Group work under expert guidance)


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