1. Is it mandatory to have Type Approval Certificate for every product intended to be installed on ship?

Type Approval of product is voluntary for some products. However for products described in Pt.2 below it is mandatory for product to be Type Approved for installation on board classed ship.

2. Which are the products for which Type Approval is mandatory?

Prime Mover, Reduction Gears, Flexible Hoses, Electronic Control Units/Governor, Life Saving Appliances, Fire Fighting Appliances, Crankcase safety valve, Oil Mist Detector, Air Vent Valve, Resin, Fiber, Core Materials, Shop Primer, PSPC Scheme

3. A product whose design & drawings keeps changing frequently, is it eligible for Type Approval?

A product whose design is customized with each supply order can be categorized as a job order production and is against the essence of type approval. Generally, Type approval is aimed at products that are generally mass-produced.

4. Our product is already Type Approved by other recognized body. Does it still need to have Type Approval Certification from IRS?

A product type approved by any of the IACS member class society may be considered for acceptance based on type approval certificate subject to it is meeting the requirements of IRS Rules and Regulations and case by case evaluation is required to arrive at the results.

5. What is the time estimate required to obtain Type Approval Certificate?

It varies from product to product, scope of approval and quantum of type testing required. To be on fair side a complete type approval cycle is expected to complete within 45 days.

6. Do I have to test the product in accredited laboratory only?

Yes, the product, which is undergoing type approval certification, shall only be tested in accredited laboratory, either in-house or external.

7. Once a product is type approved, does it need to be tested?
Depending on the products, further verifications and tests may be necessary to assess conformity of products to approved prototypes, e.g. by means of individual or alternative inspection schemes.

8. Is there any surveillance carried out within certification validity period?

Yes, products, which are certified to statutory requirements, are eligible for periodical surveillance.

9. Does type approval of a product need to be renewed?
Yes, the validity of a type approval certificate is generally five years, after which the certificate needs to be renewed.

10. What is the renewal process of a type approval certificate?
A type approval certificate is renewed upon satisfactory assessment of manufacturing quality control procedures and relevant the technical documentation provided by the manufacturer. In case of significant changes to the product made by the manufacturer, or in case of significant amendments of the reference standards, further testing activities may be required.