1. Is Works Approval Certificate mandatory?

Yes, IRS Rules requires that materials used for the construction or repair of the hull and machinery of ships, which are classed or intended to be classed with IRS, are to be approved for the type of material being supplied.

2. For what type the components/manufacturing process, works approval is mandatory?

In general, the list comprises of following:

  • Steel Plates, Sections & Bars
  • Steel Castings
  • Steel Forgings
  • Steel Pipes & Tubes
  • Iron Castings
  • Copper Alloys
  • Aluminium Alloys
  • Anchors, Stud Link Chain Cables
  • Mooring Chains
  • Steel Wire Rope

3. Where can I find IRS Rules for Inspection & Testing of Materials?

These rules can be found on our website https://www.irclass.org/research-and-development/rules-classification-notes-and-guidelines/marine-rules/. Please refer Pt.2 – Inspection & Testing of Materials

4. Our works is already approved by other IACS member class society. Does it still need to have Works Approval Certification from IRS?

It is recommended to have Works Approval Certificate from IRS, as it gives sense of confidence & trust to the buyer about compliance with IRS Rules. It also gets your organization to be included in the list of approved works enhancing your chances to be seen by potential buyers worldwide.

5. What is the time estimate required to obtain Works Approval Certificate?

Though it varies from product to product & scope of approval, it is expected to complete the activity within 45 days of commencement of the process.

6. Do I have to test the product sample specimens in accredited laboratory only?

Yes, the type of product, which is undergoing works approval certification, shall only be tested in accredited laboratory, either in-house or external.

7. I have more than one works producing same item. So do I need to get works approval for each unit?

Yes, any unit in which production is made for supply on ship classed or intended to be classed with IRS, needs to have approval from IRS.

8. Is there any surveillance carried out within certification validity period?

Yes, there will be annual surveillance.

9. Does Works Approval Certificate need to be renewed?
Yes, the validity of a works approval certificate is generally five years, after which the certificate needs to be renewed.

10. What is the renewal process of a works approval certificate?
A works approval certificate is renewed upon satisfactory assessment of manufacturing quality control procedures and relevant the technical documentation provided by the manufacturer. In case of significant changes to the manufacturing facilities, qualified personnel made by the manufacturer, or in case of significant amendments of the reference standards, further testing activities may be required.