Designated Person Ashore (DPA)
Training | Starts 28 August, 2024
Course Objective

To enable the participant to carry out the functions of Designated Person Ashore (DPA) under the provisions of ISM.

Half-day, offered in continuation of the two-day ISM Internal Auditor’s Course
Fees (* Exclusive of Taxes)
₹ 22,000

About the course

DPA is a key person, who is required to ensure effective implementation of the company's safety management system and requires to be based ashore for developing and implementing safety culture within the company. The role and responsibility of the DPA is to verify and monitor all safety and pollution prevention activities in the operation of each ship.


According to the guidelines issued by DG (Shipping), the DPA should possess:

  • Adequate shipboard sailing experience as Chief Engineer Officer or Master
  • Knowledge and understanding of ISM Code, mandatory rules and regulations, applicable codes, guidelines and standards
  • Knowledge on assessment technique of examining, questioning, evaluating and reporting, technical or operational aspects of safety management, appropriate knowledge of shipping and shipboard operations experience of participation in at least one marine-related management system audit and
  • Effective communication with shipboard staff and senior management and should be able to determine effectiveness of SMS by using Internal Audits, Management Review
  • Be able to gather and analyse data from hazardous occurrences/ situations, near misses, incidents and accidents and apply the lessons learnt to improve the SMS.