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We carry out statutory design appraisal, survey and certification on behalf of flag administrations when authorized by the Governments of such states which are parties to various International Codes and Conventions.

IRClass is at present authorized by 52 Flag Administrations to act as Recognized Organization (RO) on their behalf and is recognized by European Union.

The Defence Division of IRClass provides focus on the requirements of Defence and Para Military Forces and is the single point of contact for all Defence Agencies and Defence Industry for Classification, Certification and Consultancy services. The team has a vast pool of experience and expertise provided by multidisciplinary marine professionals.

Types and Works Approval from IRCLASS demonstrates that your product conforms to recognised industry quality standards, International Conventions and/or the IRS Rules, through a process of independent design review,sample testing and verification of production controls.

Research and Rule development are the backbone of the all our activities at IRCLASS. Our research is aimed at

  • Acquiring in-depth knowledge of the relevant issues.
  • Improving quality and safety in Marine Industry and protection of the marine environment.
  • Providing professional services at par with International benchmark.

Our major areas of the research are Hydrodynamics, Ship Structures, Vibration and Noise, Corrosion, Fatigue , Energy Efficiency, Infomation technology Onboard.

IRCLASS conducts  training courses on various  topics such as ship classification, ISM Internal and lead auditor’s course, Ship security Officer’s course, Company Security Officer’s Course, Port Facility Security Officer’s Course, Maritime Security Officer’s Course, Maritime Labor convention(MLC2006), Welding and Welding Process and NDT and Quality Management Systems.

Maintenance of IRS classification is issued by the system of periodic surveys to ensure continued compliance with IRS rules.

These include various design appraisals, surveys of Hull & Machinery and Certification on a continuing basis.

Existing ships not built under IRS supervision are also classed after ensuring confirmation with IRS rules.

Marine Technical Services’ proactive work creates smooth sailing for our client’s business through identification and elimination of constraints. We offer following services:

  • Condition Assessment Programme (CAP) and Fatigue Life Assessment for Oil Tankers, Chemical Tankers & Liquified Gas Carriers
  • Noise & Vibration Measurement & Analysis for New construction & Existing Vessels
  • Safety Audits & Risk Assessment for Ports & Oil Terminals like Port Navigational Audit, Verification of Fire Protection facility as per OISD Standard etc.
  • Other Technical Services related to port and shipping sector

Cyber Risks in maritime industry are fast evolving into a major concern due to lack of proper controls and procedures for various onboard systems using high end computers, advanced communication technologies, state of art control and automation systems

Service Request Forms

Existing Ships- Class Entry / Change of Flag

Request For The Classification And /or Change Of Flag Survey Of An Existing Ship/vessel

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Modification / Conversion / Change of Class Notation survey

Undertake Survey during Modification / Conversion/ Change of class notation* and issue Certificates with appropriate Notation.

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Periodical, Misc. Survey and Marine Component Certification

Initiate the classification process / component certification by presenting a duly Signed Request Form.

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Plan Approval - Existing Ships

SRF Plan Approval (Existing Ships)

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Class Compliance Certification

Service Request for Class Compliance Certification for New Construction 

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