IRClassTM software is a software package which assists surveyors in verification of the compliance of the ship thickness measurements according to rules and regulations set forth by Indian Register of Shipping and IACS CSR for Oil Tanker and Bulk Carrier. It is developed indigenously by Indian Register of Shipping. The basic motive behind the development of this package is to provide surveyors with a handy tool to simplify the process of thickness measurement during survey of the ship.

Common Structural Rules are applicable for self-propelled bulk carriers and double hull oil tankers with unrestricted navigation. Ships contracted for construction on or after 1st July, 2015 must comply with Common Structural Rules. The CSR Rules aim at analyzing the structural response of the ship to Yield, Fatigue and Buckling Loads and prescribe minimum compliance parameters.

IRHULL Rule Scantling Calculation Software assists users to verify the compliance of ship designs against the rules and regulations set forth by Indian Register of Shipping. IRHULL supports the design of multiple ship types and also multiple frames of a single ship. The modeler assists the user with the modeling of transverse sections and makes handling of large and complex data easier. The data input here is stored in a single file (with extension of .IRClass) which enables retrieval of the data for future uses.

With rising fuel and operating costs, it is of great importance to extract the most efficiency from the various machinery on-board vessels. In order to achieve the same, data related to the equipment, operations and performance of the vessel needs to be collected and analyzed.

VPMS software provides data-driven solutions for optimization of Fuel Oil consumption and Machinery Efficiency aimed at generating significant financial savings to the Vessel’s owner or operator.

All operational activities onboard ships are subject to documentation. The maintenance of these records is mandated as per MARPOL Annex I – Regulations for the prevention of Pollution by Oil and are examined and evaluated at ports to ensure that the operations of the ship conform to standards put forth by MARPOL. IR-Scribe aims to provide a comprehensive and secure way to record all the necessary information involved in these activities for safekeeping and further approval.

AHT’s (Anchor Handling Tugs) are built to survive tough sea conditions with the awareness of safety, comfort and efficiency of the crew. The choice of a suitable tug for these perilous task entails careful scrutiny of various aspects involved. In order to recommend a tug for its suitability in the operations all the essential characteristic of the tug must be examined judiciously.

The tool provides a simplified objective-based assessment of the tugs recommending the most suitable one for the offshore operation from the set of tugs available considering all the essential parameters.

Manoeuvring is one of the mainstream areas of interest for smooth and safe operation of the vessels at sea.The vessel must be able to manoeuvre reliably. The vessel at sea must comply with the market driven questions on the fulfilment of IMO (International Maritime Organization) guidelines.

The tool provides the parameters based on the IMO requirement. This will help the owner and the designer a first-hand understanding on the vessel manoeuvring compliance.