Integrated Management System: Awareness Course
Course Objective

On completion of the course, the participants will be able to appreciate the advantage of effectively combining multiple systems into a single format or structure while meeting the organisational objectives more efficiently The course:

  • Increases effectiveness of your systems by streamlining them
  • Gives a comprehensive introduction to the key concepts of integrated Management Systems
  • Gives greater focus on overall company objectives and makes it easy to prioritise on key issues
  • Aims to provide awareness on all standards at one time
  • Provides guidance and practical experience in planning, executing and
  • reporting integrated audits in every audit cycle
One day

About the course

In an organisation, there are many systems that need to work together. Hence the need for an integrated management system. This course focuses on how one can benefit from an integrated system.


Managers, officers and staff who are interested in enhancing organisational efficiency through effective integration of multiple systems.