Marine Risk Assessment & Incident Investigation
Online Training | Starts 31 May, 2024
Course Objective

To enable the participants to understand, interpret the Risk in Maritime Industry / shipping and its management as a Proactive measure to mitigate the Risk. Furthermore in case an Incident occurs , to effectively carry out an investigation and take an effective corrective action to prevent its Re-occurrence

Two days
Fees (* Exclusive of Taxes)
₹ 18,000

About the course

This Course on Risk Assessment and Incident Investigation is to get a good working knowledge of the Risk in the Maritime Industry and to take appropriate measures for the hazards identified and further more in case of an incident occurring , how to get to the Root cause of the incident and to develop appropriate recommendations to avoid future incidents to Reoccur. Collection & Analysis of Data including effective interviewing skills, filling data gaps by using fault tree logic and how to address root causes at various levels.


The entry standards are one having knowledge in the maritime operations and /or a mariner to develop skills in effectively carrying out Maritime Risk Assessment as a proactive manner and