Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)
Training | Starts 03 October, 2023
Course Objective

Those who successfully complete this course will be able to discharge the duties of PFSO, which typically include:

  • Conducting an initial security survey of the port facility;
  • Ensuring the development, maintenance and implementation of the Port Facility Security Plan;
  • Enhancing security awareness and vigilance of the port facility personnel including training;
  • Reporting to the authorities; maintaining records of occurrences that threaten the security of the facility;
  • Coordinating with security services, as appropriate;
  • Ensuring that security equipment is properly operated, tested, calibrated and maintained
  • Understanding the cyber risk & mitigation methodology
Four days
Fees (* Exclusive of Taxes)
₹ 20,000

About the course

It provides knowledge in communicating and coordinating effectively between ship and shore in matters of assessment of port security, development and implementation of port security plan, undertaking security inspections, reporting deficiencies, enhancing security awareness and coordinating with security agencies.


Shore-based personnel, who will be able to coordinate between ship and shore on matters of security- preferably with knowledge, understanding and experience of shipping and port/terminal operations. Those who may be designated to perform the duties and responsibilities of a Port Facility Security Officer.