Class requirements in design & construction of ships
Course Objective

On successful completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Enhance their knowledge and understanding of Class Rules in ship design and shipbuilding
  • Work with Class Rules effectively in their day-to-day work in design and shipbuilding projects
  • Minimise time taken to obtain approvals from Class in the design/ shipbuilding processes
Four days

About the course

Before venturing into detailed design and development of production drawings, it is essential to meet with the Class Rules. Even in the detailed engineering stage, a number of Class Rules become applicable. Also, during the actual ship construction, a number of Class Rules need to be complied with. It is therefore critical for the shipyard team to have a clear understanding of the Class Rules and the criteria for approvals.

This course focuses on interpretation and application of Class Rules for ship design and shipbuilding.


Engineers and Naval Architects engaged in design of ships- engineers and managers working in shipyard design and drawing office, QA/QC personnel, engineers and supervisors engaged in shipbuilding, consultants and ship owners’ technical managers engaged in developing specifications for shipbuilding, superintendents tasked with supervision of new building, etc.