Non-destructive Examination (NDE) in shipbuilding
Training | Starts 18 July, 2024
Course Objective

By the end of the program, the participants will become aware of major NDE practices adopted in ship construction. They would be able to appreciate the suitability of the type of NDE method appropriate for different jobs and recognise different types of results/defects interpreted.

Two Days
Fees (* Exclusive of Taxes)
₹ 18000

About the course

The course will be delivered in the classroom with a display of  instruments. Area of application of different NDE techniques and interpretation of the results will be discussed. 


Young engineers and QA / QC inspectors from shipyards, Class surveyors, Owner’s representatives, WOT & CGOT Inspectors & Overseers from Navy and Coastguard, Welding contractor, foreman, etc.