Propulsion System Integration
Training | Starts 27 November, 2023
Course Objective
  • Understand the correlation between resistance, speed and powering of ships
  • Interpret results of model tests to arrive at powering estimates after allowing for various margins
  • Understand the design consideration involved in selection of marine propulsion systems in the light of mission statement of the vessel as specified
  • Interpret the data provided by manufacturers of individual machinery/ components of a propulsion system (prime mover, gearbox, shafting, propeller, Power Take-off, shaft generator, etc.) and match their individual performance characteristics to propose a stable propulsion system configuration, which will meet the specified operational requirements
  • Understand power management scenarios in different operating conditions and propulsion controls
  • Carryout detailed system integration by applying the learning through a case study
Four days
Fees (* Exclusive of Taxes)
₹ 40000

About the course

Choosing the propulsion systems could become a challenge for non-conventional and specialist vessels – such as naval ships, drill ships, vessels engaged in offshore services, etc., which are typically engaged in multi-tasking in a wide range of operating conditions.


Engineers and Naval Architects engaged in design of ships, engineers and managers working in shipyard design and drawing office, consultants and ship owners’ technical managers.