Quality checks & inspections in Naval/Coastguard shipbuilding
Course Objective

On completion of training, the participants will be able to function as members of shipbuilding supervision team with an understanding of the processes involved in shipbuilding, with a deeper knowledge of various aspects of shipbuilding and an understanding of their role and responsibilities in terms of checks and inspections that they are expected to carry out in the yard.

Five days

About the course

Although the core shipbuilding processes are fundamentally the same for most ship types, additional functions and complex integration issues drive the inspection processes in naval and coastguard construction. Consequently, construction of naval and coastguard vessels has evolved as a specialist branch of shipbuilding. This course has been designed to address the training needs of inspectors representing the vessel owners as well as the QA personnel of defence yards.


The targeted participants are graduates or diploma holders in Naval Architecture, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering with experience in naval/coastguard ship operations and repair, but have had limited exposure to shipbuilding.