Company Security Officer (CSO)
Course Objective

Those who successfully complete this course will be able to discharge the following duties of CSO:
• Advising the level of threats likely to be encountered by the ship based on security assessment;
• Ensuring that ship security assessments are carried out;
• Development, approval and the implementation and maintenance of the ship security plan;
• Arranging for internal audits and reviews of security activities;
• Arranging for the initial/subsequent verifications of the ship security plans by Administration;
• Ensuring adequate training for personnel responsible for the security of the ship.

Note: This course is approved by Palau International Ship Registry.

Three days

About the course

This course is approved by Palau International Ship Registry. It provides knowledge in communicating and coordinating effectively between ship and shore in matters of updating ship security plans, assessment and audit of shipboard security and in meeting the requirements of the Administration and in rectifying any deficiencies and non-conformities reported.


Shore-based personnel, who will be able to coordinate between ship and shore on matters of security – preferably with knowledge, understanding and experience of shipping operations. Those who may be designated to perform the duties and responsibilities of a Company Security Officer.