Drydocking Good Practices
Course Objective

On completion of the course, the participants will be able to develop an understanding of how to:

  • Carry out planning and preparations for dry-docking of a vessel
  • Effectively manage the dry-docking within the given time and budget
  • Plan and execute major repairs during dry-docking 
One Day

About the course

Dry-docking and major repairs often involve effective coordination among a number of stakeholders such as ship owner’s technical managers, ship’s staff, dry-dock, Class and statutory surveyors, suppliers of spare parts and stores, service engineers, etc. Consequently, planning and preparations for dry-docking is a critical activity that goes a long way in preventing time and cost overruns and in avoiding nasty surprises.

This course aims to enhance the awareness of the participants in anticipating pitfalls and in planning and preparation for dry-docking from a practical point of view. It is built around case studies and delivered in workshop mode. The course emphasises on adopting project management approach to dry-docking.

  • Serving Superintendents, who wish to refresh and update their knowledge and understanding.
  • Master Mariners and Chief Engineers, who are aspiring to serve as Superintendents in ship-owning/ ship-management companies.
  • Management-level sea-faring officers wanting to acquire the perspective of the owner/ ship-manager.
  • Engineers, supervisors and managers from dry-docking and ship repair industry wanting to learn about project management approach to dry-docking.