Enhancing Superintendent Management Skills
Course Objective

To enable the participants to understand, interpret and apply the the roles and responsibility as a Superintendent with due regards to Management skills in shipboard matters to enact as a proficient Superintendent

Three days

About the course

This is a designed in such a manner that the Technical Superintendent doing this course they will be able to perform better in the Management Skills in the Shipboard Operations .

He will be proficient in performing his duties and responsibilities as a Superintendent. Have a good understanding of Rules and Regulations in accordance with IMO requirements. He will enhance his skills in efficiently implementing the change of Flag /ownership or class.

Achieve basic knowledge in the Management systems as to what it is and intro to the Integrated Management system including integrated Audits. Brief understanding of ISM /ISPS /MLC 2006 . Certification for Surveys and Audits.

Risk assessment and Incident investigation and its impact on the Marine Insurance and claims.


The entry standards are one who is taking up a job as a Marine or a Technical Superintendent in the Office having sailed and having basic knowledge in the maritime operations and /or a mariner to develop skills in effectivelyfunctioning as a Superintendent in a company.