Executive Management Course in Ship Superintendency
Course Objective
  • To facilitate and expedite the orientation and induction of sea-faring officers at the management level into superintendent’s role ashore and
  • To enable serving ship superintendents and managers to update their knowledge and understanding of:
    • Regulatory framework – including upcoming regulations
    • Technical functions and
    • Commercial aspects of ship management.  

On successful completion of the course, the participants will enhance their decision-making and problem-solving abilities in respect of day-to-day functions in Ship Superintendency.

One Day

About the course

Effective management of ship operations calls for a firm grasp of a wide range of disciplines, coupled with an ability to take informed decisions, integrating shipboard and shore-based functions in a dynamic and demanding business environment. All ship management decisions are taken and implemented across three distinct areas:

  • Regulatory
  • Technical and
  • Commercial

This course is offered as a modular programme covering above three areas. The delivery of the programme is spread over five independent, stand-alone modules that are offered separately. A participant can complete one module at a time, according to his/her choice and convenience:

  • Ship Surveys & Certificates
  • Commercial aspects of shipping
  • Hull inspection (Bulk Carriers & Oil Tankers)
  • Planning, preparation & managing dry-docking and major repairs
  • Workshop on Techno-commercial issues in ship operations

Certification will be module-based.

  • Serving Superintendents and Technical/ Commercial Managers working with shipping and ship management companies, who wish to refresh and update their knowledge and understanding.
  • Master Mariners and Chief Engineers intending to serve as Superintendents in ship-owning/ ship-management companies.
  • Management-level sea-faring officers wanting to acquire the perspective of the owner/ ship-manager.
  • Ship Surveys & Certificates (Class & Statutory)
  • Commercial Aspects of Shipping
  • Hull inspection (Bulk Carriers & Oil Tankers) & Repairs
  • Planning, preparation & managing dry-docking and major repairs
  • Workshop on Techno-commercial aspects of Shipping