Introduction to Maritime Cyber Security
Course Objective

On completion of the course, the participants will: Enhance their awareness of external and internal threats, risks and
vulnerabilities relating to security of data and digitally held information in the organisation. Understand the significance of cyber security measures at the organisational as well as individual employee level . Know about
cyber security issues specific to maritime industry and their implications

One day

About the course

Learn about purpose and scope of standards governing cyber Risk Management Be able to function as a security-conscious individual andalso as an active team member in giving full effect to implementation of cyber security measures initiated in one’s own organisation In today’s digitally connected, Internet-driven world, with its increasing vulnerabilities originating from anti-social elements, cyber security has assumed an unprecedented significance and urgency. Maritime industry, which has been a relatively new entrant into the digital world has begun to grasp the significance of cyber security- at the organisational as well as employee level. This course aims to enhance the awareness of participants in respect of the emerging digital security concerns in the maritime industry. It also updates their understanding of the measures initiated and standards developed and applied to ensure effective Cyber Risk Management.


Officers and staff of shipping and ship management companies, portsand terminals, shipping agents, suppliers and service providers to the maritime industry.