TMSA A Workshop in Line with TMSA Rev 3
Course Objective

To enable the participants to understand, interpret and apply the Requirements of TMSA Edition 3 for effective implementation on board the vessels

Three days

About the course

OCIMF’S TMSA programmed is a tool to help ship operators measure and improve the management systems . The Programme encourages the ships operators to assess their safety management system against listed key performance indicators and indicates best practices. Best practice is the best way to solve the problem . It is most effective way to solve problems. It creates opportunity and optimizes performance in crucial areas such as Safety and environmental excellence . This course will enable to transfer the best practices across the fleet through consistent applications and improved processes and procedures


Those who have interest in learning about the requirements OF THE OCIMF’S commonly known as the TMSA . He /She should have reasonable good knowledge in the operations of an Oil /chem. Tanker / a gas carrier