HSE Training of personnel engaged in ship recycling
Training | Starts 09 October, 2023
Course Objective

To enhance the awareness of the workers and supervisors with regard to the risks involved in ship recycling industry and to develop an understanding of the safe work practices including practical drills on fire-fighting, oil spill prevention, basic first aid and complying with the requirements relating to Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM).

Four days
Fees (* Exclusive of Taxes)
₹ 40,000

About the course

India is a world leader in ship recycling and the Hong Kong Convention has been a game changer in this segment. In addition, the EU has also spelt out its own guidelines for certification of Ship Recycling Facilities and corresponding training requirements. The course can be delivered in Hindi or any local (Indian) language.


Workers and supervisors engaged in ship recycling industry.