Metallurgical Tests

We are able to provide the following metallurgical tests :

  • Macrostructure Analysis
  • Microstructure Analysis
  • Grain Size
  • Case depth
  • Determination of delta ferrite content
  • Sensitization tests on welds
  • Inclusion rating
  • Decarb depth
  • Coating/ plating thickness
  • IGC test
  • Corrosion test
  • Thin surface hardened steel
  • Micro crack density
  • Mass of Zn, Phosphate coatings
  • Evaluation of weld Joints -  butt joint, fillet joint, hard facing, friction welds, stud welds, spot welds, projection welds and brazed joints
  • Evaluation of quality of weld and calculating % depth of penetration
  • Evaluation of Sensitization at welded regions of ferritic stainless steels

Metallurgy Lab

Sample Preparation Equipment

Optical Microscope with Chennai Metco Image Analyzer

Stereo Zoom Microscope