Inland and Coastal Vessels


IRS’ integral role in Inland Waterways

  • Drafted Inland Vessels IV Act 2021 and IV Rules
  • Classification of inland vessels, in accordance with published Rules and Regulations of IRS
  • Supports Make in India and Prime Minister’s Gati Shakti initiatives

Classification of inland vessels involves following activities:

  • Approval of plans, Surveys at the yard, Inspection of components, witnesses test and trials and Issuance of certificate
  • Inland vessel fleet classed with IRS includes RO-RO Passenger Ferries, General Cargo Vessels, Oil Tankers, Pusher Tug & Dredgers, and Accommodation vessels

Technical Support to State Government

  • With experience gained over the years and in line with the IRS philosophy to safer and cleaner environment, IRS is actively supporting state governments in formulation and implementation of Rules and Regulations
  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Assam government, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Tripura and in the process of signing MoUs with Government of Jammu & Kashmir

Seamless Connectivity

Supporting the Indian Government’s vision of seamless connectivity of rivers to seas, IRS certifies vessels under River-Sea Vessels notification, thus ensuring cargo movement from hinterland to sea.

IRS also certifies vessels as per DGS order 8 of 2018 (Applicable to Indian Inland vessels intending to trade within 5 (five) nautical miles from the base line (inshore traffic corridor) in fair season and fair-weather conditions).



Coastal vessels serve the important task of connecting remote and interior parts of a country which are otherwise unreachable for the large ocean carriers. They are an efficient and cost effective mode of transport which contribute to reducing the overall cost as well as the carbon footprint of the value chain of transport. Maintaining quality and health of coastal vessels is, therefore, of vital significance to all countries around the world. We, at IRS, ensure that the fleet is up to the standard throughout its life cycle so as to serve you optimally for longer periods.

IRS Rules for Coastal Ships are an outcome of a combination of shipbuilding experience together with trade considerations and are implemented through our experienced Surveyors who assist you in better understanding and applying them.

IRS undertakes the classification and certification of Coastal vessels and River Sea Vessels

New Construction

  • Approval of plans, surveys at the yard, inspection of machinery and components and witnessing tests & trials

Existing Ships

  • Design Appraisal
  • Periodical Survey and Certification
  • Transfer of Class / Flag Survey

Statutory Service

Statutory design appraisal followed by Surveys and Certification

Specification services

IRS offers specification services to prospective ship owners, to assist them from concept/basic design stage to delivery, ensuring that their business needs are met. Our clientele includes Inland Waterways Authority of India, Dredging Corporation of India, Paramilitary Forces, and Ports.