Approval Categories

IRS approves firms providing services to any of the following scopes covering statutory and classification services.

  • Firms engaged in servicing inflatable liferafts, inflatable lifejackets, hydrostatic release units, inflatable rescue boats, marine evacuation systems
  • Firms engaged in inspections and testing of radio communication equipment
  • Firms engaged in inspections and maintenance of self contained breathing apparatus
  • Firms engaged in annual performance testing of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) and simplified Voyage Data Recorders (S-VDR)
  • Firms engaged in sound pressure level measurements of public address and general alarm systems on board ships
  • Firms engaged in inspections of low location lighting systems using photo luminescent materials and evacuation guidance systems used as an alternative to low-location lighting systems
  • Firms engaged in the servicing and maintenance of lifeboats, launching appliances, on load release gear and davit-launched liferaft automatic release hooks.
  • Firms engaged in inspection, performance testing and maintenance of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)
  • Firms engaged in thickness measurements on ships
  • Firms carrying out in-water survey of ships and mobile offshore units
  • Firms engaged in inspections and maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment and systems
  • Firms engaged in tightness testing of closing appliances such as hatches, doors etc. with ultrasonic equipment
  • Firms engaged in measurements of noise level on board ships
  • Firms engaged in examination of Ro-Ro ship’s bow, stern, side and inner doors
  • Firms engaged in testing of coating systems in accordance with IMO Resolution MSC.215(82), as amended, and IACS UI SC223 and/or MSC.288(87), as amended and IACS UI SC259.
  • Firms engaged in tightness testing of primary and secondary barriers of gas carriers with membrane cargo containment systems for vessels in service
  • Firms engaged in Visual and/or Sampling checks for preparation of Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM)

The IACS UR Z-17, Annex 1 amplifies the requirements for most of the above services in details, which are verified by the attending surveyor of IRS for compliance towards approval.