Application for Type Approval

The manufacturer interested in obtaining Type Approval Certification shall apply online. Click here to Apply Online

You can also contact us through email

Note: A separate application for type approval shall be made for each product or group of products and each place of production.

Required Documentation

Typical documentation required is listed as below (Non Exhaustive):

  1. Product specification and/or reference to design codes, standards, regulations etc;
  2. Relevant design drawings with materials specified, catalogues, data sheets calculations, functional descriptions, component lists where necessary and marking of the product;
  3. Fabrication specifications, where applicable;
  4. Proposed field of application and operational limitations;
  5. Proposed test program to demonstrate that the performance provisions of the specified standard(s) may be fulfilled;
  6. Certificates and reports for relevant tests previously obtained for the product;
  7. Documentation of reliability, by calculations and/or in-service experience;
  8. Profile of the manufacturer, its production and quality assurance system;
  9. Any other information that the manufacturer considers necessary.

All the documentation shared during approval remain strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party.