Type Approval

IRS Type Approval scheme certifies that your product meets the necessary requirements for its ‘type’.

What is Type Approval?

Type Approval is a certification scheme intended to enhance the confidence of the buyer about the product under consideration and building assuring that the product conforms to recognize National/International - Standards/Codes/Conventions and/or the IRS Rules, through a process of documentation review, design verification, prototype testing and assessment of manufacturing procedures.


While IRS Type Approval is a voluntary program, Govt. of India has authorized IRS, to carry out Statutory Type Approval of products specific to SOLAS/MARPOL.

Type Approval is available for a broad range of products from marine, offshore, and industrial sectors. Only Product Designer and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or their licensee manufacturers can apply for seeking type approval.

How Does Type Approval Benefit You?

As a Designer or Manufacturer of the product, you benefits in:

  • Increased level of product acceptance in the International market,
  • One time design approval avoiding repetitive design review with every supply order,
  • Reduced lead time for product supply,
  • Keeping your product in sync with changing requirements,
  • Bringing security as well as quality assurance in the end customer,
  • Enhancing brand value of the product & perception about the product quality,
  • Inclusion in the List of Approved Products make you product visible to shipyards and shipowners across the world.