New Construction

Classification of new construction ships is one of the fundamental activities undertaken by classification societies. Upon receiving request from the client via the “New construction Classification Request”  form, IRClass surveyors carry out a comprehensive survey at construction site as well as at maker’s worksite. This is to ensure that the quality of materials, machinery and manufacturing process are in conformance with IRClass’ rules. Upon completion of the vessel survey to the surveyors’ satisfaction, the classification process is reviewed at our head office and a certificate of classification is issued. The vessel is, thus, entered into IRClass’ register of ships.

Registration with IRClass provides a global acceptance of the ship by port and flag administrators as well as from underwriters such as the Institute of London Underwriters.

The process of classification goes through following stages:

  • Plan Approval
  • Acceptance Inspection
  • Unit & unit joint inspection (incl. tightness tests and NDTs)
  • Tank & hold final inspection
  • Shaft alignment, installation of propeller & stern tube seals and rudder & rudder bearings
  • Keel sighting & measurement of principal dimensions
  • Load line marking
  • Equipment inspection
  • Onboard tests including basin trials
  • Sea trials

A vessel built under classification is required to undergo extensive process with surveys and inspections that cover every stage of the ship’s construction starting from plan approval, to certification of materials and components and finally entering into the IRClass register.