Inland and Coastal Ship Certification

Coastal and inland vessels serve the important task of connecting goods to remote and interior parts of the country which are otherwise unreachable for the large ocean carriers. They are an efficient and cost effective mode of transport which contribute to reducing the overall cost as well as the carbon footprints of the value chain transport. Maintaining quality and health of the coastal and inland vessels is, therefore, of vital significance to most of the countries around the world. We, at IRClass, ensure that your fleet is up to standard throughout its lifecycle so as to service you optimally.

Coastal and inland vessels need application of rules specially carved to the practical requirements of the vessels plying in those territories, which are built over years of experience together with regional trade considerations. IRClass Rules for the inland waterways and coastal ships are a combination of both and are applied through our experienced surveyors who will assist you in understanding and applying them. IRClass undertakes the classification of coastal vessels including dredgers, ferries and tugs, cargo vessels and other utility crafts operating in the rivers estuaries and along the coast. Apart from the freight sector, IRClass provides the services for the tourism, defence, and other infrastructure sectors. To assist our clients, IRClass has an Indian network of 20 offices covering the entire coastline and interiors of India.

New construction at Shipyards

  • Approval of plans
  • Surveys at the yard
  • Inspection of components
  • Witnesses test and trials

Existing Ships

  • Design appraisal
  • Periodical Survey and certification
  • Transfer of class/ Flag survey

Statutory Service

Statutory design appraisal surveys and certification on behalf of Government of India Compliance with notification of construction, Survey certification, and operation of

  • River Sea Vessels
  • Indian Coastal Vessels

Survey and certification on behalf of state authorities and maritime boards towards certification of inland vessels.

Specification Services

IRClass offers specification services to vessels owners, to assist them from concept / basic design to delivery, ensuring business needs are met. Our clientele include Inland Waterway Authority of India, Dredging corporation of India paramilitary forces and ports.

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IRClass is among the top ten Classification Societies in the world. Our operations are optimized to offer you services efficiently and economically. Transferring an existing vessel to IRClass is a simple and inexpensive process

If ship owners require any plans or documents previously approved by IRClass, we can provide the owners with such plan and documents from our archives. We are maintaining a digitalized archive for plans and documents which are easily retrievable. Owners can approach us by sending us a message from this page and we shall get in touch with you.

Maintenance of IRS classification is issued by the system of periodic surveys to ensure continued compliance with IRS rules.

These include various design appraisals, surveys of Hull & Machinery and Certification on a continuing basis.

Existing ships not built under IRS supervision are also classed after ensuring confirmation with IRS rules.