Inventory of Hazardous Material

As people become more concerned about their environment, the shipping community is changing too - to take on a more responsible approach for every single step in the life cycle of a ship. The conventions and regulations adopted by governments across the world are a testament to this change and we, at IRClass, are committed to support your environmental goals.

IMO adopted “The Hong Kong International Convention for the safe of environmentally sound recycling of ships” in the year 2009 followed by the EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR) in 2013 that requires every ship calling at EU Port to carry an inventory of hazardous material (IHM) verified by the relevant administration or authority and specifying the location and approximate quantities of those materials. (Correct?)

Get Ready for Early Compliance


The entry into force of the EU SRR has made it mandatory for ships calling at EU ports to have verified IHM & Statement of Compliance (SoC) on board from the beginning of year 2021.


Developing IHM for existing ship is a huge task and requires a greater deal of time, effort and resources than for new ships. The process includes following steps,

  • Scrutinizing onboards records for identifying hazardous material
  • Verification of drawings & machinery manuals
  • Repair and Modification history
  • Preparation of Visual Sampling Check Plan (VSCP)
  • Preservation and handling of test samples
  • Testing and analysis in recognized test laboratories
  • Review and analysis of test report
  • Estimation of Hazardous Material quantity on board
  • Preparation of IHM

Considering the demand for thousands of ships and scarce availability of IHM expert personnel, we recommend ship owners to start the process early so as to avoid the last minute rush. IRClass is able to offer you a complete solution for IHM development, including valuable recommendations for IHM experts, drawing up a sample plan and various documentations to fast track the process of compliance.

Why IRClass ?

With our expertise to guide you in your transition to HK and EU SRR compliance, the process will be straight forward and hassle free. IRClass provides a one-stop solution for your IHM and certification needs of your entire fleet.

  • Professional guidance at every stage
  • Valuable recommendations for IHM experts, sample plan and various documentation
  • Review of VSCP
  • Timely approval of IHM documentation
  • Web-based software for IHM development and life cycle support – IRHAZMAP
  • Dual compliance for HKC and EU SRR
  • Classroom training

Our Statement of Compliance will be valid for both HKC and EU SRR which means your ships will have uninterrupted access across the ports of the world.

IRHAZMAP – a complete software solutions for your ship’s IHM

As compared to new ships,  development of IHM for existing ships could take more time, effort and resources, which has a mandatory requirement to maintain the IHM documents for the remaining life of ship.

IRHAZMAP can simplify this process for you through its advanced web-based features that assist you in, not only developing the IHM document, but also, allowing you to maintain and update the records periodically. IRHAZMAP has been built to comply with the latest regulatory requirements of both HK convention and EU SRR. Some of its key features are:

  • Common real time platform for all stakeholders throughout the ship’s life cycle
  • Maintenance of entire fleet’s IHM data and related record, including that of certification
  • Ability to generate Material Declaration (MD) and Supplier’s Declaration of Compliance (SDOC) in excel sheet
  • Compliance with IMO & EU requirements
  • User-friendly interface
  • Can facilitate smooth transfer of files among stakeholders
  • Ease of preparation and document upkeep
  • Quick identification of hazardous materials onboard
  • Automatic generation of updated IHM

In today’s world, being green, is being competitive. Are you ready to go green?