International Load Line (ILL 66)

Load Line survey and certification service

We provide statutory survey and certification based on International Convention on Load Lines (ILL66) for IR-classed vessels. This convention defines the calculation for freeboard applicable to the ship, assigning the Load Line Marks and how this is to be marked on the shipside.

The International Convention on Load Lines generally applies to ships engaged in international trade with the following exceptions:

  • Ships of war
  • Ships less than 24 m in length
  • Pleasure Yachts not engaged in commercial activities
  • Fishing vessels.

We ensure the safety of ships and offshore units, from the designing stage, during and after the construction, and for the entire service life of the ship and offshore unit.

We are a competent and reliable recognized organization, a member of International Association of Classification Society (IACS), for carrying out survey and certification for compliance with Load Line Convention.

On completion of survey, measurements and calculations we issue the following certificates:

  • International Load Line Certificate
  • Multiple Load Line Certificate


Authorized RO for:

 Govt. of India

 St . Vincent and the Grenadlines

 Govt. of Sri Lanka

 Republic of Maldives

 Union of Comoros

 Republic of  Honduras

 Republic of Mauritius

 Republic of Seychelles

 State of Qatar

 Commonwealth of Dominica

 Republic of Belize

 Republic of Panama

 Government of Georgia

 Syrian Arab  Republic

 Govt. of Malaysia

 Govt. of St. Kitts and Nevis

 United Arab  Emirates

 Republic of Liberia

 Republic of Marshall Islands

 Government of  Kiribati

 Government of  Tuvalu

 Republic of Vanuatu

 Govt. of South  Africa

 Govt. of Barbados

 Govt. of Mongolia

 Govt. of the  Bahamas

 Govt. of the Sultanate of Oman

 Federal Republic of Nigeria

 Govt. of Lebanon