International Safety Management

Certification under the International Safety Management Code is mandatory for all passenger ships (including passenger high-speed crafts) and all vessels of 500 gross tonnage and above, for the safe management of ships and for pollution prevention.

IRClass is a competent and reliable recognised organisation [a member of International Association of Classification Society (IACS)] to carry out inspections and certification of ships and shipping companies, towards compliance with ISM Code

With a worldwide network of survey stations, and with our commitment to fast processing time, IRClass ensures that the process of ISM Code certification is handled efficiently. Towards meeting ISM Code requirements of ship owners, IRClass provides:

  • Gap analysis, review of ISM manual, audits and certification of ships and company
  • Inspection and certification on voluntary basis for cargo ships below 500 gross tonnage, when requested by ship owners.
  • DG approved workshop / training for onboard and on-shore staff for ISM Compliance.

Authorized RO for:

 Antigua and Barbuda






 Commonwealth of Dominica


 Cook Islands


 Denmark  Gabon










 Marshall Islands








 Panama   Philippines  Qatar

 Republic of Nauru

 San Marino  Sao Tome and Principe  South Africa

 St. Kitts & Nevis

 St. Vincent and the Grenadines  Thailand  Tuvalu

 United Arab Emirates

 United States of America  Vanuatu  Vietnam

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Existing Ships- Class Entry / Change of Flag

Request For The Classification And /or Change Of Flag Survey Of An Existing Ship/vessel

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Plan Approval - Existing Ships

SRF Plan Approval (Existing Ships)

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New Construction Classification Survey

If you are building new ships, our plan approval and construction survey services help ensure they are designed and constructed in accordance with the Rules.

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ISM - ISPS Audit Request

ISM - ISPS Audit Req

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