Miscellaneous Survey

Other Statutory surveys and certification service

We provide other statutory surveys and certification services based on International requirements applicable for IR-classed vessels.

Apart from the main statutory certificates, various other statutory certificates are required to comply with various international requirements.

We are a competent and reliable recognized organization [a member of International Association of Classification Society (IACS)], for efficient Surveys and effective certification for compliance with other than main statutory certificates. 

On completion of appropriate Surveys / Inspection / Audits, we issue certificates, such as:

  • International Certificate of Fitness for Chemicals in Bulk (IBC)
  • Certificate of Fitness for Chemicals in Bulk (BCH)
  • International Certificate of Fitness for Gases in Bulk (IGC)
  • Certificate of Fitness for Gases in Bulk (GC)
  • Certificate of Fitness for Gases in Bulk (EGC)
  • Document of Compliance for Dangerous Goods (IMDG)
  • Document of Compliance for Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC)
  • Document of Authorization for Carriage Grain in Bulk
  • International Anti-Fouling System Certificate (AFS)
  • Ballast Water Management - Statement of Compliance (BWM)
  • Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Safety Certificate (MODU)
  • High-Speed Craft Safety Certificate (HSC)
  • Special Purpose Ship Safety Certificate (SPS)
  • Document of Compliance for carriage of Timber Deck Cargoes
  • Document of Compliance for Cargo Stowage and securing.
  • Diving System Safety Certificate (DSC)
  • Safety Certificate for Fishing Vessel
  • Towing Survey.

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