Recruitment and Placement Services

We are a competent and reliable recognized organization [a member of International Association of Classification Society (IACS)], for efficient Inspection of Recruitment and Placement Services (RPS) on behalf of Government of India (D.G.Shipping). 

With our wide network of Survey Stations, and with our commitment to fast processing time, we ensure that the process of completion of Inspection and forwarding the recommendation to D.G. Shipping (DGS) to issue license to the company is handled effectively and promptly. We have an efficient internal online system for reporting, reviewing and authorizing the reports after completion of the RPS inspections, to ensure promptness in completing the process of issuance of License to the RPS.

We undertake the following services:

  1. Scrutiny of applications of RPS  registered in India for:
    1. Initial Inspection
    2. Renewal Inspection
    3. Change of Address Inspection
    4. Approved Maritime Training Institute Inspection
  2. Inspections on completion of scrutiny of applications of all categories mentioned above and recommend to DGS for issuance of License valid for a period of 5 years subject to annual inspections.
  3. Annual inspections of RPS holding a valid license in India.

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