International Conference on Ship & Offshore Technology (ICSOT 2019)

7-8th Nov, 2019 – IIT Kharagpur, India

Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass) was Silver Sponsor for “International Conference on Ship & Offshore Technology (ICSOT 2019)” organised by Royal Institution of Naval Architects, London and Department of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, IIT Kharagpur. The conference held during 7-8th Nov, 2019 brought together delegates from shipyards, designers, navy, consultants, academia and offshore sector.

The conference highlighted the latest developments in the design, analysis and construction of ships and offshore structures.

Keynotes presentations by industry and academic experts have discussed on topics like Hydroelasticity of ships, Perspective of ship design, Life cycle management of marine hoses and consumables and Biomimetic underwater vehicles.

IRClass Delegates presented the following list of papers:

  • Spectral fatigue analysis by Mr. Amresh Negi, Surveyor 1 (R & D) & Mr. Yogendra Parihar, Surveyor 1(R & D)
  • IMO 2nd Generation Intact Stability criteria by Mr. Shivaji Ganesan, Surveyor 1 (R & D)
  • Evaluation of hull girder capacity & Evaulation of safety regime in Shipbuilding by Mr. Karan Doshi, Surveyor 1 (R & D)
  • Seakeeping & sloshing assessment for LNG terminals by Mr. Jairam Saripilli, Surveyor (R & D)