Technical Seminar in Mumbai

Mumbai, 19th December 2018

Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass), the leading international classification society recently conducted a Technical Seminar in Mumbai which was well received by industry participants.

The Seminar covered a wide variety of topics including Cyber Risk Management with respect to ISM code, IMO DCS and new services of IRClass like Vessel Performance Monitoring System (VPMS) & OptiTrim which will help owners and managers to improve operational efficiency and optimise fuel usage.

VPMS is designed to help owners and managers in assessing the health of critical machinery & systems, diagnostic and preventive maintenance. OptiTrim is a CFD based voyage planning tool by which optimum trim for a particular loading condition can be selected at different drafts and speeds.

The seminar included a presentation on approval, installation, testing & commissioning of Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) units and scrubbers. This was deliberated by IRClass and a guest speaker from Aries Marine, Dubai who shared their experience and learning based on installation of over 300 Ballast Water Treatment Systems and more than 100 Scrubber installations.

The seminar was highly appreciated by the audience which included leading shipowners as well as managers. The event saw engaging and interactive Q&A session for each presentation.

Mr. K Bhardwaj, Head (Operations) said: ‘IRClass as a knowledge-based organisation is happy to share its perspectives and solutions to help the maritime industry to comply with the latest regulations. We intend to conduct more such events in India and rest of the world throughout 2019’.