Indian Register of Shipping leads push for improved inland waterway safety through integrated IV Rules

Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) is continuing its drive to improve inland vessel safety throughout India, having played an integral role in the drafting of the Inland Vessels Act 2021.

The Inland Vessels Act 2021 will help integrated vessel movement throughout waterways and establish uniformity in law and standardised provisions. The IV Act 2021 addresses safety and pollution control norms and makes provisions for the use of new and special category vessels. It also specifies retrieval of wreck and salvage norms.

Based on the IV Act 2021, IRS has drafted rules in consultation with Ministry, State Governments and various other stakeholders. The draft Rules and Regulations for Construction and Classification of Inland Waterways Ships are ship-type specific to ensure safety of cargo, assets and the environment.

The draft Rules cover requirements for passenger vessels, including Ro-Ro & Ro-Pax, tankers and dry cargo vessels. The rules also cover aspects of insurance, wreck & salvage, limitation of liabilities and other administrative provisions. For the purpose of IV Rules, Inland vessels will now be classified into three categories: Category A, Category B and Category C.

IRS is participating in the ‘Waterways Conclave 2022’, which will be held in Dibrugarh, Assam, on 11 - 12 April.

Speaking ahead of the event, KK Dhawan, Vice President of IRS, said: IRS has been privileged to offer crucial advice on the hugely important Inland Vessels Act 2021 and in developing of draft IV Rules 2022, along with Inland Waterways Authority of India. Implementing and refining the highest safety standards possible across inland waterway will not only save lives but also aid economic growth across India.”