Mooring Analysis for Floating Solar Power Plant

Renewable energy is considered to be one of the sustainable way for future energy demand. Large water reservoirs such dams, rivers and lakes in India make it possible for installing floating solar farms on these location. But severe engineering challenges are encountered in case of floating solar farms as compared to ones which are installed on land. Of many difficulties the design of cheap but reliable mooring systems for such structures will be a crucial factor for the economy viewpoint.

In line of industry need, IRS developed a mooring analysis program, IRMOOR. This program is capable of analysing any type of mooring system: either symmetric or unsymmetrical accounting mooring line which may either be taut, slack or catenary that connects array of floats to an anchoring system fixed on the reservoir floor. The different set of input provisions are provided for a range of design flexibility and options. Eventually, excursion of the floating body is also analysed under the different environmental conditions originating from various orientations with respect to the floater array.