Ship performance studies

With reference to stringent IMO regulations and slowdown in Maritime business, it is necessary for Ship Owners to improve their ship's performance by energy efficient operations. Accordingly IRCLASS-Research division have developed tools such as IR-OptiTrimSpeed and IR-OptiVoyage based on full scale CFD simulations to predict and save on fuel bills during voyage based on Just In Time principle. These tools can also help ship owners to demonstrate their efforts to achieve near future IMO 2030 GHG Carbon Intensity Goals to Flag Administrations.

IRCLASS research also played instrumental role in designing Indian maritime administration Port Reception Facility portal Swachh Sagar. This portal brings all stakeholders such as Ship Captain, Agent, MARPOL waste receiving vendors, Customs, Port Officers and Maritime Administration i.e. DG Shipping on common platform to facilitate ships for performing their environmental duties. This portal is helping ship owners to improve their Environmental performance by safe and easy discharge of MARPOL wastes at Indian Ports.