Structural analysis

  • Ship structures need to be assessed at design stage against various types of loads for all possible failure modes i.e. yielding, buckling and crack etc. Yielding and buckling check requires checking the response of ship structure, both the global hull girder and local plate panels, against worst case load pattern ship structure may come across in its life time. Ship structures also need to be assessed against the cyclic loads which may not produce structural failure in short term but may initiate crack after some years of service, resulting in major structural failure. At IRClass, using efficient tools, software and methodologies we take care of all the aspects of structural safety for ships through continuous research, case studies and various types of strength and fatigue analysis.

  • Apart from structural strength, vibration is second major concern for ship structures which if not addressed may produce harsh environment for working spaces, crew and passenger discomfort and even structural damages. At IRClass, we do thorough vibration assessment of ship structures at design stage itself using various types of analysis i.e. modal analysis, harmonic analysis etc. Vibration issues in existing vessels are also investigated through vibration measurement, analysis and case studies. Advanced transient dynamic analysis is also performed for complex vibration issues.