Classification Notes

Classification Notes are an extension of the Rule Sets and may provide further amplification of the Rules and cover certain aspects such as type testing and certification in greater detail for use by stakeholders.

A. Classification Notes :

List of Classification Notes

1. Application of IRS Rules to Indian River Sea Vessels – Revision 01, April 2021

2. Guidelines for approval/acceptance of alternative means of access to spaces in oil tankers, bulk carriers, ore carriers and combination carriers, August 2006

3. Approval scheme for the manufacturing process of normal and higher strength hull structural steels, Revision 01, January 2009

4. Guidelines for Non-Destructive Testing of Steel Castings for Marine Application, Rev-1, July 2021

5. Guidelines for non-destructive testing of hull and machinery steel forgings – Revision 1, September 2021

6. Type approval, installation and testing of water level detectors on bulk carriers and single hold cargo ships other than bulk carriers, January 2013

7. Approval of IC Engines, December 2021 

7a). Approval of I.C. Engines, July 2022 

8. Calculations for Internal Combustion Engine Crankshafts – April 2020

9. Type testing procedure for crankcase explosion relief valves, February 2008

9a). Type Testing Procedure for Crankcase Explosion Relief Valves, Revision 1, December 2021 

10. Marine Gears - Calculation of load capacity of involute parallel axis spur and helical gears, January 2017.

10a). Calculation of Load Capacity of Involute Parallel Axis Spur and Helical Gears, December 2021 

11 Type testing procedure for crankcase oil mist detection and alarm equipment, July 2016.

12. Type approval of mechanical joints used in piping, Revision 04, July 2019

12a). Type Approval of Mechanical Joints used in Piping, Revision 5, December 2021 

13. Type approval of electrical equipment used for control, monitoring, alarm and protection,
systems for use in ships, July 2019

13a). Type Approval of Electrical Equipment used for Control, Monitoring, Alarm and Protection Systems for Use in Ships, December 2021 

14. Cable trays / protective casings made of plastics materials – Revision 01, September 2021

15. Manufacturing approval scheme of high strength steels for welded structures, July 2017

16. Natural Gas Fueled Vessels for Coastal and Inland Waters - Revision 01 - January 2019

17. Stability requirements for Inland Waterways Passenger Ships – Revision 1, July 2022 

18. Extended Dry‐Docking Scheme - Rev 01, February 2021

19. Fuel Oil Treatment System – Revision 1, July 2021

20. Application of IRS Rules to Indian Coastal Vessels - 2020

21. Requirements for NDT Suppliers – July 2020

22. Approval of Service Suppliers – Revision 4, July 2022 

23. Approval of Lithium-ion Battery Systems - July 2020 

24. Requirements of Small Crafts – Rev.01 December 2020

24a). Requirements for Small Crafts – Revision 02, March 2023 

25. Type Approval of Cyber Secured Control System Components – September 2020

26. Requirements for Non-Destructive Testing – July 2021

27. Certification of Containers, September 2021

28. Qualification Scheme for Welders of Hull Structural Steels, December 2021 

29. Wind Turbine Installation Units, March 2022 

30. Stability Requirements for Open Crafts of less than 15 meters Length fitted with Buoyancy Material, September 2022  

B. Type Approval Certification Schemes:

1. Certification Scheme for Type Approval of Products, December 2012