AHT selection


AHT’s (Anchor Handling Tugs) are built to survive tough sea conditions with the awareness of safety, comfort and efficiency of the crew. The choice of a suitable tug for these perilous task entails careful scrutiny of various aspects involved. In order to recommend a tug for its suitability in the operations all the essential characteristic of the tug must be examined judiciously.

The tool provides a simplified objective-based assessment of the tugs recommending the most suitable one for the offshore operation from the set of tugs available considering all the essential parameters.

Anchor handling operations are inherently fatal. There is a need for continual improvement to support and alleviate the risk involved through constant efforts. Anchor handling tug carries out major operations at sea and can be termed as the backbone of offshore operations. The selection of tug considering all the crucial parameters for its suitability in the operations is a must. The simplified objective-based assessment of the tugindicates the most suitable tug from the set of tugs considered for the operation. Thus, providing the owners with a direction to select the AHT.

The tool assesses the inbuilt characteristics (the manoeuvring, powering, bollard pull, propeller performance,etc.) and the operational aspects (the economical means of improving the tug performance, the risk involved and mitigation measures available onboard for smooth operation) of the tug under consideration.

Key features :

  1. Simplified assessment based on the first principles
  2. Easy to use interface
  3. Assist the owners/charterer to select the best tug from the pool
  4. Weightage based assessment
  5. The tool can compare 10 AHTs at a time& suggest best suitable AHT for offshore operation