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Common Structural Rules are applicable for self-propelled bulk carriers and double hull oil tankers with unrestricted navigation. Ships contracted for construction on or after 1st July, 2015 must comply with Common Structural Rules. The CSR Rules aim at analyzing the structural response of the ship to Yield, Fatigue and Buckling Loads and prescribe minimum compliance parameters.

The IR-CSR software has been designed with an intuitive graphical user interface featuring

  • 2d modeler
  • Finite element modeler
  • Global strength analysis
  • Local scantling analysis
  • Direct strength analysis

Prescriptive Assessment:

Prescriptive Assessment is carried out for individual sections based on Panel Approach. Static and Dynamic Loads based on formulae provided in the Rule Text are used for Analysis. Prescriptive Assessment includes Yield, Buckling and Fatigue Checks. Provisions for CAD modeling of 2D Ship Sections are provided in the software.


Basic Data Compartment Info


The main features are:

  • Section Modeling
  • Compartment Attachment
  • Section Modulus Calculations
  • Global Strength Assessment
  • Local Scantlings Verification

Direct Strength Analysis 

Direct Strength Analysis is to be carried out using Finite Element Method. 3 holds of the Vessel are analyzed at a time. Pre-processing is done using a customized version of MSC Patranand MSCNastran is used as the solver.

IR-CSR Features
The features below have been automated:
  • Generation of Parallel Middle Body
  • Corrosion Deductions
  • Load Calculation and Application
  • Boundary Conditions Assignment
  • Compartment Detection
  • Stress and Deformation Plots
  • Utilization Plots and Analysis Criteria
  • Very fine mesh generation
  • Detection of FE buckling panels

Minimum System Requirements:

  Component   Requirement

  Operating System

  Windows 7





  HDD Space



  MSC Patran 2010 or above
  MSC Nastran 2005r2 or above