All operational activities onboard ships are subject to documentation. The maintenance of these records is mandated as per MARPOL Annex I – Regulations for the prevention of Pollution by Oil and are examined and evaluated at ports to ensure that the operations of the ship conform to standards put forth by MARPOL. IR-Scribe aims to provide a comprehensive and secure way to record all the necessary information involved in these activities for safekeeping and further approval.


  • Uniformity and Accuracy of inputs
  • Easy 2-Level verification process
  • Access control ensures accountability
  • Encryption of stored data improves security
  • Multiple Data Backup options
  • Standardized Reports

Minimum System Requirements
Following are the minimum system requirements for smooth operation of the software


 Minimum Requirement


  2.5 GHz or higher


  4 GB

  Operating System

  Windows XP or higher

  HDD Space


  Adobe Acrobat Reader