About the Software:

IRHULL Rule Scantling Calculation Software assists users in verifying the compliance of ship designs against the Rules and Regulations set forth by Indian Register of Shipping. IRHULL supports the design of multiple ship types and also multiple frames of a single ship within the same file. The modeler available within the software assists the User with the creation of transverse sections which can be put through analyses such as Longitudinal Strength, Local Strength, Buckling Strength, Shear Strength etc. The data input by the User is stored in a single file (with extension of .IRClass) which enables easy retrieval of the data for future use and makes handling of large and complex data easier.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Modeler with standard CAD functions
  • Support for multiple Ship Types
  • Panel approach to Scantling checks
  • Global Strength Analyses (Longitudinal Strength and Buckling)
  • Local Strength Analyses (Scantlings, Shear Strength etc.)
  • Execution of all analyses on a single click
  • Customized Tools and Calculators for specific structural elements
  • Analysis Results available in standardized report formats 
  • Efficient data handling 

Minimum System Requirements

Following are the minimum system requirements for smooth operation of the software


 Minimum Requirement


  2.5 GHz


  4 GB

  Operating System

  Windows XP or higher

  HDD Space

  10 GB

  Adobe Acrobat Reader


IRHULL Setup and Installation

Following are the steps to install the latest version of IRS Rule Software:

  • Uninstall the previous version of the software, if already installed on your PC
  • Copy new installation file to any location in your PC
  • Install the .exe setup on local machine
  • After installation run CrystalReports.msi file immediately

We have added following new features in v8.1.8:

  1. IRHULL is updated till the latest rule version of RCN2 of July 2022 for Main rules, Inland Vessel Rules and HSCLC Rules.
  2. Relevant changes have been made to calculate the thickness of Inner Bottom due to grabs for Inland waterways vessel as per new rule change notice.
  3. A new tool to calculate the scantling of Propeller Nozzle (Kort Nozzle) has been introduced.
  4. A new feature has been incorporated to verify the scantling compliance as per SOC (Indian Inshore Traffic Corridor).
  5. Minor bug fixes.