Manoeuvrability Assessment


Manoeuvring is one of the mainstream areas of interest for smooth and safe operation of the vessels at sea.The vessel must be able to manoeuvre reliably. The vessel at sea must comply with the market driven questions on the fulfilment of IMO (International Maritime Organization) guidelines.

The tool provides the parameters based on the IMO requirement. This will help the owner and the designer a first-hand understanding on the vessel manoeuvring compliance.

The tool provides all the parameters to check the vessel as per the IMO requirement with regards to turning circle and zigzag manoeuvring aspect of the vessel

The pre-requisite for the tool are hydrodynamic coefficients.

Key features :

  1. Preliminary assessment of ship manoeuvrability
  2. Easy to use interface
  3. Assist the owners/designers to estimate the ship manoeuvrability

The detailed assessment of manoeuvring characteristics can be performed with numerical aids such as computational fluid dynamics by IRCLASS.