Technical Circular No: 027/2019

Subject: : Safety issue in GOLD Y12 and GOLD Y16 dual-purpose (spray/jet) type fire -fighting nozzles.

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  • The maritime Administration of Malta has informed regarding safety issues concerning the use of the dual-purpose (spray/jet) type fire-fighting nozzles, GOLD Y12 and GOLD Y16 produced by Shanghai Yibei Safety Equipment Co. Ltd. having the mark of conformity “wheel mark”.
  • During several inspections, it has been discovered that that the nozzles have apparently collapsed mainly due to the head plastic disk being fixed by a screw, on several occasions did come loose during the dual-purpose jet/spray positioning.
  • In view of above, Owners, operators and masters are advised to check the existence of above mentioned dual-purpose firefighting nozzles on board their ships and to verify if they are affected by the above safety issue and accordingly contact the manufacturer and the vessel’s Classification Society for further course of action.




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