Technical Circular No: 032/2019

Subject: Saver CF Hood Visor Cold Temperature Performance.

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  • Draeger Safety UK limited has issued an alert letter regarding deviation shown in performance of their Saver CF hood visor devices at extreme low level.
  • The Dräger Saver CF; a constant flow Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus, is required to meet product performance requirements at a minimum temperature of -150 as per EN 1146:2005 standards under the PPE regulation and MED.
  • During routine surveillance testing, Draeger had identified deviation in the required hood visor material specification in number of devices manufactured between 1st May 2018 and 2nd July 2019 with serial range BRLE-0001 to BRMH-9999; which showed that the material used for the hood visor will not offer the required level of protection at extreme low temperature and in some instances cracking of visor may be witnessed.
  • The affected Saver CF hood batch number list is provided in the attached letter and the batch number of the saver hood can be found on the underside of the hood carcass, directly below the front port.
  • Draeger had recommended that such products intended to be used or stored at temperature below 00C are unsafe and to be taken out of use. Draeger are currently working towards a solution and will advise of an implementation date as soon as possible. Also, Draeger will replacing all devices covered in the batch range with new hood assembly.
  • In view of above, Owners, operators and masters are advised to check the existence of above mentioned Saver CF hood visor devices on board their ships to verify if they are from affected batch range and accordingly contact local manufacturer’s representative for further course of action.


  1. Letter from Draeger Safety UK limited dated 10 July 2019.


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