Port State Control A Workshop to Enhance Preparation for an Inspection
Course Objective

To enable the participants to understand, interpret and apply the the requirements of a Port State Control Inspection in accordance with the latest guidance provided in IMO assembly resolution 1138 (31) adopted on the 4th Dec 2019


About the course

This is a designed in such a manner to take into consideration the requirements as stated in IMO Assembly Resolution A.1138(31) which ha a very practical approach and is more understanding and interpretation based inspection which will give the officers an idea as to what would be the thought process of the Inspector . Preparation with the Focus of above said resolution will make the preparation for the PSC more effective and likely to get minimum or no deficiencies on board the vessel.

Preparation and presenting the vessel to the Port State control. The knowledge of basic conventions under which the PSC inspection is carried out. What is the nature of deficiency and a risk based approach to grading of a deficiency


The entry standards are one who is a serving officer or a Superintendent of the vessel having knowledge in the maritime operations and /or a mariner to develop skills in understanding the requirements of a Port State Inspection